Sunday, March 25, 2007

WHAT is the deal with right now?

Okay, normally I have absolutely no problem with having anything I order delivered as soon as it becomes available. I completely understand that sometimes things aren't in stock and it takes a while to receive them, and then a while longer to ship them out to the people who have paid for them.

Does that mean I should still be waiting on a DVD six months later? I think not.

I ordered Disco Pigs on 25 September 2006. Today is 25 March 2007. I still haven't received it. says that my [new! again!] delivery date for said DVD is between 21 March and 06 April.

Should I e-mail them and let them know that I've been waiting on this particular item for six months? Maybe. Lindsey says I should wait until 06 April and if I still haven't received it to e-mail them then.

I fancy myself at least marginally patient, but goddammit, if you're going to make me wait for seventeen years to get a lousy (I'm sure it's not lousy, but you know what I mean) DVD, then you'd better be sending me something with it. Like your soul.

I have had much better experiences with My The Wind That Shakes the Barley script book came just when it was supposed to. It even said it wouldn't arrive before Christmas and it did. I've got the Sunshine book on order, too. I hope my satisfaction with remains at 100%. If they screw up it brings it down to 50%. Ouch.

Okay, rant done. I really want to see that film, though...

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