Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mandy Moore Music Post

I never write here. I never have anything interesting to say. I put all of my "this is what happened today, good times," crap in my GreatestJournal, and I wanted to save this one for interesting things I think about. But my brain has turned to mush and I don't think about interesting things and instead I tend to ponder Lindsay Lohan's rehab and Paris Hilton's jail sentence.

Okay, not entirely, but that has been a large portion of my time as of late. Not to mention that I've joined this role playing game and it's sort of taken over my life. /nerd.

Anyone, the point of this is to direct anyone who happens to read this blog to check out Mandy Moore's new record Wild Hope because it is incredible. It's the best she's done so far and I've been listening to it on repeat for a week now. She collaborated with a fantastic band called The Weepies, and this one sounds much more... folk, and much more... The Weepies. I've always thought she had an incredibly rich voice, and she really just doesn't let me down. I feel like I'm getting to know her, too, because she largely penned this album herself (with help, of course, but she still at least co-wrote all of the songs as far as I understand).

As stupid as it sounds, I just feel like I've grown up with her. I was probably about twelve when "Candy" and the record So Real came out, and from there she's just been growing with each new release, and I've loved each new release more than the last, like my musical tastes are growing with hers or something like that as we both mature. She's only three years older than I am, so I guess it makes sense.

Anyway. Go check it out.

She likes chocolate in the morning. She drinks her coffee late at night. You can sense that she is guarded, but that's alright. She'll fall asleep while you're still talking with unfinished books beside her bed. She'll cancel all of her appointments and go shopping instead.

Can't you just adore her?

She loves to watch the sunset, but she is partial to the rain. With those tears and that umbrella her allure goes unexplained. You make dinner in your apartment-- you both assume that she'll be late. She always has the best intentions because her goodness is innate.